Every Day is Election Day!

We have a unique opportunity this November to be among the first to cast ballots for this historic Democratic ticket. We want you to take advantage of this opportunity by going to your elections manager’s office at your local county courthouse, this upcoming Wednesday, and voting in-person absentee.

Voting in-person absentee is easy to do:

1. Go to the absentee election manager’s office at the probate court, 151 Government Street, room 165
(please note that this is NOT Government Plaza, it is between the Plaza and Mardi Gras park)

Mobile County Election Manager

151 Government St.

Room 165

(Between Government Plaza & Mardi Gras park)

2. At your election manager’s office, request and fill out an Absentee Ballot Application first. Make sure you bring a valid photo ID with you to vote. When filling out your absentee ballot request, make sure to check the box “I have a physical illness or infirmity which prevents my attendance at the polls.” if you are voting absentee due to COVID-19 concerns.

3. Next, hand the completed application back to the election manager with your photo ID and they will provide you with a ballot and instructions if your application is approved.

4. Fill out your ballot and return it to the election manager as directed–You have voted!

Yes, You Can Vote Absentee by Mail

No printer? No problem. Call 251-574-6400 to have Mobile County Probate mail you an absentee ballot request.

This may seem like a lot of trouble – but voting absentee means you’ll have voted in the General Election. No worries about childcare, no concerns about rushing to the polls before or after work, no apprehension about whether you’re on the voter roll.

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