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Doug Jones – Human Billboard

October 24, 2020 @ 10:00 am 11:30 am UTC+0

 Cottage Hill across from Japonica Lane and  Cottage Hill Presbyterian Church 

Park at the corner of the north service road and  Oak Circle Dr. E @ 4254 Oak Circle Dr. E. 

 Guidelines for a successful Human Billboard 

• No one gets hurt! Stay out of traffic and do not stand too close to a traffic light, stop sign, or turning spot. No accidents from drivers. 

• Socially distance + For the traffic’s view it looks best if spread out. Don’t cluster and chat. Sorry, but do that before or after HB. 

• Don’t wave the sign all around – it can’t be read well. 

• Don’t start the HB until a number of folks gather. A tiny billboard just looks pitiful. 

• Get attention by waving your hands as a greeting. 

• If not masked, smile, and project friendliness. 

• If someone responds nicely, give them a thumbs up, etc. 

• If someone gives you a nasty gesture, smile and give them a thumbs up. 




  1. Scott e lacey

    These are very good recommendations I have experience at doing billboard sweeps having done them in the 90s when I worked in the mobile country chapter of the Clinton gore and don siegelman for governor campaigns

    • MCDEC

      Thanks Scott. We would love for you to come out and participate. Hope to see you there!


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